What is an e-ticket? / How do I receive my tickets?

Once you have placed an order with wowevent.com you will be emailed an e-ticket confirmation. Your e-ticket will have a unique order ID. You can print this off or show the email at the entrance to your event to gain entry.
On the day, the event organiser will cross check your order ID with their records and you will gain entry. We strongly advise that you also take along the credit/ debit card you used to make payment to ensure smooth entry.

What are the benefits on buying tickets in advance?

Buying tickets in advance not only means that you ensure you don’t miss out on any events you’re interested in, thus guaranteeing you entry but also means you can benefit from a cheaper than on the door price and minimise time spent queuing!

Will the entry prices to an event ever change?

Sometimes event prices will change during the course of their listing. We advise that you book tickets as early as possible to minimise the chances of you experiencing price increases. Ticket prices tend to increase when an event is almost sold out or when they are last minute and just before the event is about to take place.

How long will I have to wait till my e-ticket confirmation arrives?

As your payment is success, you will receive your e-ticket confirmation within 1 working days.

I am trying to pay but my credit card keeps getting refused?

Double check the details you are entering and re-submit your card. If you card is still being refused then contact your credit card supplier for further information.

Can I get a discount if I buy lots of tickets?

Discount will be displayed on the event page if there is an offer for Group ticket. Otherwise you have to purchase the ticket on normal price basis. Get in touch with us if you have questions about a large group for a specific event.

How many tickets can I buy per event?

You can by an unlimited amount of tickets from the website as long as they are shown as available. Event organizer also have the right to set the maximum purchase.

Is there an age limit to the events you sell tickets for?

Any age restrictions will be highlighted on the event page. So, please be sure to check this before purchasing.

I did not receive and e-ticket confirmation, what shall I do?

Contact us and we will arrange the confirmation to be resent. This can sometimes be due to an incorrect email address being entered during purchasing.

I am an event organiser and would like to add my event onto your website.

Just register, get confirmation, create event and start selling!

Do you promote and organise your own events?

No. wowevent.com is simply a service which acts as an online sales agent on behalf of event organisers and promoters.

I wish to cancel my ticket purchase.

In general all ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, if you genuinely can’t attend an event, we can get in touch with the event organiser and see if they are willing to refund you. Providing the event organiser agrees, a refund will be granted minus any booking fee per ticket. The booking fee varies depending on the event and ticket price.

I wish to complain about an event that Wowevent.com is selling or has sold tickets for in the past.

We encourage customer feedback as we want all out customers to enjoy the best service. If you wish to bring any complaints to the attention of our team you can email info@wowevent.com.

How can I unsubscribe to your newsletter(s).

Scroll down to the homepage and you will see the newsletter over there.

Do you send text updates?

Not often. Our company policy is not to use intrusive marketing methods unless specifically requested by our customers.

Exchange and Refund Policy

In general all ticket purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Genuinely can’t make it to an event?
If for any reason you cannot make it to an event, please let us know in advance and we will forward your request to the organiser of the event.
In some instances, event organisers may or may not issue a refunds. Organisers can also grant a partial refund or a free transfer to a forthcoming event. However, this decision is at the event organiser’s discretion and wowevent.com has no influence in this.
For any queries please contact us.