is Free!

We understand how important every cent is to ensure a successful event. That’s why we have no hidden costs and our pricing is very simple to understand for you and your customers.

Pricing summary

This online events registration are free for both, the event organiser and attendee.There are no set up costs, no registration and no monthly account fees.
Instead, we charge a small booking, which covers all our bank processing costs and the running costs associated with our business.


Types of fees

There are 2 types of fees you’ll want to know about:

1# service fee.

We charged only RM2.00 per ticket sold in Ringgit Malaysia. No matter how much you’re charging, we cap the service fee at RM10.00 per event.

2# Payment processing fee.

Finally, we have added iPay88 payment gateway into!
Now you can pay with bank transfer via iPay88 and credit card.

Your purchase will be processed through iPay88 and the fee for processing online payments in Ringgit Malaysia is 3% of the ticket cost.

iPay88 has been in the industry since 2006, more detail here: iPay88.

There are no additional credit card fees – these costs are all covered in the booking fee charge.

Payment to Organisers

Payouts are initiated 5 days after your event’s end date, but can only start processing on working days.

If the 5th day falls on a weekend or your payout will start processing on the next working day.

Buy Tickets/ Register Event at

We ensure the process of buying a ticket is really simple.
By visiting the web address you created for your event (eg, our simple 2 step checkout process ensures your customers select and buy their tickets quick and easily.

They instantly receive their tickets or registration by email the moment they complete their purchase.

Your purchase will be processed through iPay88.